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We Create Wellness Assets

Harmonising health science innovations from the West
with the ancient approach to wellness from the East,
ONENESS crafts Integrated Wellness solutions
to enhance the wellness offerings of Hotel Spas & Beauty Salons.


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Oneness Concept is the unifying force behind the Facility Design, Natural Beauty Brands, Cutting-edge Wellness Equipment, Purposeful Rituals Performed by Well-Trained Therapists - all working in complete harmony to define clients' overall wellness experience. 


Oneness builds integrated tailor-made Wellness Solutions to enhance purpose, energy and joy in all the Hotel Wellness centres  or Stand-alone Beauty Salons we create or partner with:

Through Oneness Book of Rituals, our Clients are guided to make mindful choices and to lead an all-round healthy lifestyle.


Through Oneness Coaching Manual, we equip the team with the vital techniques, knowledge and skills to run a profitable and healthy wellness centre and to advance the entire team’s career in the process. Multi-tasking and multi-skilling have become the norm across the board. We design these packages to make the team’s life easier to deliver remarkable experiences to the guests.

Through Oneness Operational Manual, we assist in managing the Wellness centre as a profit centre, equipped with high-profile natural products & state of art wellness equipment from Europe, to offer consistent world-class quality services to ensure joyful Beauty & Wellness experiences to clients.

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Oneness Offers
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A Bouquet of Wellness Brands

Oneness Products
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A Bouquet of Goodness


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A Synergy of Expertise

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Anjona M

I have 20 years of extensive knowledge and experience in the training of Spa services from pre openings with award winning international luxury spa brands in both spa operations and spa institutes.

My Goal is to create unique wellness treatments with a holistic approach and to educate Spa therapists on personal wellbeing so that they can do the same for their guests.


I believe that wellness therapists will be the care givers of tomorrow when wellness sanctuaries become an integral part of our daily lives! 


I am very dedicated to educating people about the mind, body, emotion connection and to see that the wellness industry is looked upon with respect.


Alphonse Raja A

With more than 35 years of experience in India and in France as a Facilitator and Operational Consultant in cross- border business creation & development in the LIFE-STYLE, HEALTH FOODS & WELLNESS sectors, my role is to unify the best of both the worlds in ONENESS.



Pierre-Jean Bonnat

Graduated from Glion Institute of Higher Education with a specialisation in hospital management, I gathered experience in the international development missions and specifically with India as Joint Secretary General Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry and more than ten years at executive levels in the hospitality business.  

30 years of martial arts practice and 10 years in working on the Intentional Change theory have contributed to my understanding of the value of life.

I am proud to share a sense of wellness and the benefits of a holistic lifestyle with our community.

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